JK SK & Grade 1 Teacher

Marthe Restoule

Marthe Restoule
I am a proud member of the Dokis community for the past 40 years.  I married in 1969 and made my home here with Kenneth Restoule.  We now have three children, and four grand children.  During the first few years of my marriage I was hired as a classroom assistant to the teachers at the old school.  The following year, I attended community college in Toronto for three "class room assistant" courses.  I continued these courses during the summer months that I was not the teacher's assistant.

I decided to continue my training at McMaster University in Hamilton, and in 1975 I aquired my Bachelor of Education and became a qualified teacher.  I then taught at the Dokis school for many years later working mostly with; Junior & Senior Kindergarten, and grades one through 5.

During the four years I was not teaching in Dokis.  I worked as a supply, core french teacher and did Special Education for Monetville public school.  After working with Monetville PS I attended school in Six Nations and became qualified as a "Principal in First Nation Schools".

In the recent past I have worked here at Kikendawt Kinoomaadii Gamig as a Principal and teacher, I did that for four years.  

The classes I am currently teaching are Junior & Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1.