Code of Student Behaviour

School Goals

Our goal is to ensure a learning environment in which:

A.     Parent/guardians, students and the community work together with mutual respect, trust and sharing common values and beliefs.

B.     There are high expectations for achievements.

C.     Cooperation, decision making, planning and evaluation play a large part in our education process.

D.     Students participate meaningfully and responsibly in all aspects of school life.

E.     Students are eager, creative and independent problem solvers.

F.     The school environment is friendly, inviting and conductive to learning.



At Kikendawt Kinoomaadii Gamig everyone is expected to work hard to keep the good reputation of the school in the community.
During the school hours, students are expected to move around the building an orderly manner.
Students are expected to play fair and play clean,  Arguments should be settled in a fair, non violent way.
Kikendawt Kinoomaadii Gamig boys and girls are expected to wear clothing which is appropriate for school and to have the necessary shoes.
Students are expected to observe all safety rules, taking particular care in Physical Education, Science and play reas.  Any incidents of injury, however minor, should be reported immediately to the teacher or supervisor in charge.
Students are expected to be on time for class and to have a materials such as pencils, rulers, notebooks, etc. with them.  Furthermore, students are to take care of these materials, whether they are their own, belong to others or the school.
Special care should be taken of our school building and property.
Students are expected to follow directions the first time they are given.
Regulare and punctual attendance is required for the students own benefit and that of other students who are depending on their contributions.
Students are expected to aim high in their studies and to do the best work of which they are capable.
Students are expected to complete all assignments punctually and to recognize that assigned work should be completed even though they may have been unavoidably absent.
Students are expected to maintain academic honesty and never misrepresent other's work as their own (cheating and plagiarizing).



At Kikendawt Kinoomaadii Gamig we play fair and we care about others.  We are proud of our school and its reputation in the community.  We know that the main purpose of the time that we spend at school is to gain the knowledge and skills that we need in the future years.  To do this we must work together as a team.  We also need to have rules and ways of doing things which we all understand and work hard to maintain.

The Ontario Ministry of Education requires that each school develops a clear cod of student behaviour.  This code will emphasize the development of self esteem and self discipline and will clearly outline realistic and effective consequences for failure to meet its standards.  This school code is available to all the people work in our school building and to let them know what is expected of them.

We are all part of the Kikendawt Kinoomaadii Gamig team and should do our best to keep it a winning team.