Grades 3 & 4 Teacher

Nathan Moore

Boozhoo, my name is Nathan Moore and I am currently teaching the students in grades 3 and 4 at Kikendawt Kiinoomadii Gamig.  This is my fifth year teaching and first year here.  The past four years I have been teaching at fly-in reserves such as Cat Lake and Fort Hope in Northern Ontario.  During those four years I have taught grades one, four, seven, and high school classes.  I have also worked as a Special Education Teacher.

I am originally from a little town called Warsaw, which is near Peterborough, Ontario.
Fort Hope is where I met my wife and had our beautiful baby, Bibi.  
Bibi, my wife, and I all live in Dokis now, and I am very happy to be working in such a nice school, and grateful to be living in such a friendly community.

Dokis is certainly one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived in, The fish are plentiful here, as well the game for hunting.